Frequently Asked Questions


What sort of repurposed gear are you using?
We incorporate tents, sleeping bag covers, uniform materials, and durable canvas and nylon fabrics into our product designs.
Where do you get your leather?
We source our leather from a tannery in Red Wing, Minnesota.
How durable are the Sword & Plough bags?
Because our bags are constructed from military grade fabrics, they are extremely durable and many are water resistant!
Will you ship internationally?
Yes, we are excited to now offer international shipping! Please place your products in the cart and 'checkout' to determine shipping charges.
Why aren't you a non-profit organization?
We've found that a for-profit social enterprise is the best way to carry out our mission. Through this model we are able to produce a larger quantity of bags at a faster pace, thereby increasing our growth and our ability to give back to veteran organizations.
Do you donate any of your profits?
Yes, we donate 10% of our yearly profits or 2% of revenue (whichever is greater) to impactful veteran non-profit organizations.
What is your exchange policy?
You can read more about our exchange policy here.
Are you able to make custom bags?
We can design a custom bag or accessory if a large order is being placed, however, we aren't able to make custom bags on an individual level.