Sword & Plough utilizes military surplus fabric and veteran-owned and operated manufacturers to make eco-friendly fashionable bags.  THEN, we donate 10% of profits back to veteran organizations. Lets recap: The impact of your purchase creates a ripple effect that supports veteran employment, sustainability, and veterans in need of assistance.  It continues on to impact our Brand Champions which consist of military spouses, veterans, military family members, and loyal customers. Sword & Plough purchases support relatable, real people.

Robbin Alex is a female veteran on the Sword & Plough Brand Champions team with tons of great stories. If you ever come across her, she will welcome you and definitely show you her big heart.  As a veteran, she has a unique perspective of the Sword & Plough brand and its impact on her life.

What is your greatest lesson learned from being a veteran?: I’ve learned that it is important to me to help our female veterans by empowering them. Making connections and being able to talk to veterans is something I’m good at -- even to those with the toughest backgrounds. Many veterans, female or male, suffer from depression which can complicate getting treatment and lower their self-esteem. I can empower them by letting them know they have a voice. Simply listening to our female veterans allows them to slowly lower their guard and then they can begin to trust me to help them. So many female veterans have been promised so much, sometimes with little follow through, and many get discouraged easily. I love the ability to support my fellow female veterans.

Why did you want to be a Sword & Plough Brand Champion: I had purchased 6 Sword & Plough bags prior to applying for the Brand Champion Position.  It was a perfect fit with my life and beliefs: I’m a veteran and I believed in their mission and loved their products. I proudly support veteran-owned businesses and made in America products. I love that we repurpose military surplus for a purpose, support veteran employment, and support non-profit veteran organizations by donating 10% of profits non-profit veteran organizations.

How has being a Sword & Plough Brand Champ impacted you?: I have met so many awesome fellow Brand Champions with the same love and passion for Sword & Plough. Upon first meeting some of the other team members it felt more like catching up with old friends! I LOVE my job with Sword & Plough- where else do you get front row seats watching the process of a simple idea grow into a nationwide Veteran-owned business? Being a Brand Champion  gives me MCP: #MissionChallengeandPurpose

What is your favorite Sword & Plough product?: My absolute favorite product is the Camo Signature Zip Tote- it was my first purchase! I take it everywhere!

What is your favorite Sword & Plough Giving Partner?: My favorite non-profit that Sword & Plough donates to is Team Red White and Blue.  I am a Chapter Captain and our mission is to enrich the lives of American veterans by connecting them to their community through physical fitness and social activities.

Where can people connect with you?:

Instagram: @swordandploughbyrobbin

Facebook: Sword & Plough Brand Manager Robbin Alex Nebraska


Jamie Sheaffer is an active duty military spouse.  She is attending a hybrid graduate school program at Grand Valley State University to earn her Master’s in Occupational Therapy.  For her school program, she travels from Texas to Michigan once a month with her 1-year-old son and considers herself to be a travel expert.  Of course, she uses her Sword & Plough bags for her trips because they are so durable and practical. She loves being a Lead Brand Champion because she gets to use her creativity to support veteran employment and outreach.


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