Sword & Plough's Notes from the Field: June 2017

Emily & Betsy - Mission 43

We kicked off June with a fantastic talk with the motivating Mission43 community in Boise, Idaho. Mission43 brings in top veterans from around the country who have used attributes they developed in the military to do amazing things after the service. A conversation is moderated with the special guests and the conditions are set for guests to network with other veterans, military spouses, community members, and local business leaders.This was a perfect collaboration for our co-founders, Emily and Betsy. A big part of Sword & Plough’s mission is creating opportunities to bridge the civil-military divide, which aligns perfectly with Mission43’s focus. Emily and Betsy spoke to a large crowd on how they conceptualized Sword & Plough, how they continue to develop the brand today, and the impact the brand has on the veteran community.

We love working with like minded organizations who believe in giving back to the community which is why after returning from Mission43, we led an epic Summer Brand Giveaway. We joined forces with Seamly.co, Love Your Melon, Half United, Krochet Kids Int., and Watts In Maine to give away over $1000 in merchandise. These socially conscious brands each focus on bringing sustainable practices and integrity back to the fashion industry. The giveaway ran for seven days and we had thousands of individuals enter. We also recently joined PACT Organic, Zeal Optics, Perky Jerky, The Seaweed Bath Co. , and Analog Watch Company for a giveaway of over $2,000 in prizes.

We had two wonderful essays by Brand Champions, Kayley Namarri and Veronica Bryant posted on our blog in honor of Father’s Day! These women presented a lens to better understand the sacrifice military families make and how their fathers influenced their decisions to serve in the military. We also recognized Kayley as the Brand Champion of the Month for her outstanding motivation and her leadership in developing fellow Brand Champions. We currently have over 70 Brand Champions and are actively looking for more Brand Champions to help spread the Sword & Plough mission in their local communities. We had several pop up shops in New York, Minnesota, Oklahoma, and Michigan this month and look forward to having more around the country this summer!

In addition to hiring for Brand Champions, we are also hiring for veteran sewers, a photography intern, a blogging intern, and a logistician. Apply today or share with a friend who might be interested!

At Sword & Plough, we give 10% of our earnings to veteran nonprofit organizations. One organization we actively support is Got Your 6.

Got Your 6 unites nonprofit, Hollywood, and government partners to empower veterans. Like Sword & Plough, Got Your 6 believes that veterans are leaders, team builders, and problem solvers who have the unique potential to strengthen communities across the country. As a coalition, Got Your 6 works to integrate these perspectives into popular culture, engage veterans and civilians together to foster understanding, and empower veterans to lead in their communities. Got Your 6 and its partners are shifting public perceptions so that veterans’ leadership and skills are recognized and utilized at home to strengthen communities. We were proud to share Got Your 6’s #Shesbadass public service announcement on our Facebook page this month bringing awareness to the contributions of female servicemembers.

If you want to learn more about Sword & Plough, NowThis and NowThisHer ran a wonderful video clip about Sword & Plough’s journey and social impat. It surpassed one million views in June alone! You can watch it here!  

We will be back next month with more!


The Sword & Plough Team


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