Sword & Plough Notes from the Field: November 2017


This was such an exciting month! In celebration of Veterans Day, Sword & Plough announced an impactful update to our giving model! Since launching in 2013, Sword & Plough has donated 10% of our profits every year to veteran organizations that align with our mission to empower veterans and strengthen civil-military understanding. Now, Sword & Plough customers can see which veteran non-profit organization their purchase will benefit via the description on each product page.  

We are thrilled to be able to further support impactful veteran organizations through this initiative including Got Your Six, Team RWB, Team Rubicon, Green Beret Foundation, The Mission Continues, The Pat Tillman Foundation, Green Vets LA, and Pets for Vets. Our donations to these organization help provide scholarships for veterans and their children, match veterans with companion dogs, support disaster relief missions, fund women veteran leadership events, and provide job training for veterans. You can check out Sword & Plough’s product pages and Giving Partners Page to learn more!

In addition to these donations, we have also donated more than $35,000 worth of Sword & Plough products to charitable veteran organizations. These in-kind donations have helped support over 100 additional veteran related initiatives in areas of employment, education, health, housing, and leadership.

These non-profits actively work to bring awareness and resources to the veteran community. In the same vein, we are working to bridge the civil-military divide through our most recent initiative, the Uniform Donation Program. We are now recycling old military uniforms and incorporating the material into the production of our bags to include the Limited Edition Uniform Tote! Each uniform donor will receive 20% off their next Sword & Plough purchase and will have the opportunity to share the legacy of their or a family member's military service by submitting a short bio to be posted on our website. This program is a great way for Sword & Plough to share the stories of uniform donors and to give these uniforms a new life.

As veterans felt it was their duty to serve, we at Sword & Plough feel it is our responsibility to bring awareness to the important narrative of how veterans are leaders, problems solvers, and incredible assets to companies through our products, donations and awareness campaigns.

We were also excited to conduct several pop-up shops across the country in November! We held pop up shops in Nevada, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Texas, Michigan, South Carolina, Alabama, New Jersey, and Colorado. We are always so excited to see you in your home state and encourage you to visit our social media pages for updates on where we will be next. Each of the pop-up shops are hosted by a Sword & Plough Brand Champion who has ties to the local community. To learn more about the Brand Champion program, check out our recent feature on Teresa Straley, our Brand Champion of the Month!

We are so grateful for all the organizations that are helping us spread the word about the Sword & Plough brand. Thank you to Mic, FedEx, Weight Watchers, DailyMom, The Everygirl, Reader’s Digest, We Are the Mighty, Humans on the Homefront, CauseArtist, PCSGrades, and Fox News who featured Sword & Plough’s story, mission, and products this past month! We were especially thrilled to join host, Maria Bartiromo, on Fox News Mornings with Maria and encourage you to check out the video clip!

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