Setting Up for Success – Top Five Tips for Entrepreneurs in Business

Setting Up for Success – Top Five Tips for Entrepreneurs in Business

I am someone who wears many hats. I have my full-time job, at a school that allows me to utilize my skills in fundraising/events, coaching and working with students. I am extremely fortunate to find a place that lets me cultivate all three passions. In addition to that, I freelance social media, blogging, marketing, and involved with a few non-profits close to me. Managing all of this sometimes feels like another job in itself, but it is rewarding and the only way I like to work.

Today, I wanted to share five tips with other women in business that could benefit from this busy schedule or are looking for more balance in their life.

 Build Your Support Network

Outside of our family and friends, having mentors in your education and career is vital. I have had numerous mentors over my years as an undergrad, intern, and employee that I still keep in touch with today. I found it important to genuinely keep in touch with anyone that has supported me because you never know how you will be able to pay it back to them once you are no longer in their immediate circle. Since I have been fortunate to have supportive mentors that believed in my dreams (which have since become a reality) I make sure I am able to do that for others.

Working in a school and volunteering with service organizations that encourage students, has allowed me to give back. Sometimes finding a support mentor group can be intimidating but remember, everyone started somewhere! I recently attended a Young Professionals event where I only knew my friend who I knew would be busy working the event so I was definitely nervous. After some introductions, I met another girl who attended the same high school I did and also works in non-profit, a veteran (who I am working on a project with) and someone who is interested in getting involved in another Young Professionals Group I am in. You never know who you are going to meet if you do not put yourself out there!

Mentor When You Can

In my field of fundraising, I meet people who are able to give their treasures and time and some who are fortunate to give both. As an undergrad, I found the mentoring programs so beneficial to my growth as a student and someone starting to emerge in the “real world”. It was comforting knowing that these successful people were once in my shoes and questioning, what seemed like almost everything. Cultivating and fostering these relationships have allowed me to have learning experiences that I could never find in a classroom and may have learned before even starting working. I work with students from preschool age through college, and have been working with some of these students since they were in high school and to see them flourishing in college is motivating. The drive that they have and having them reach out to me for advice? It almost seems surreal. I am more in a place right now to give my time, and now that with my work I hope I can give my treasures so that I can full circle support these students.

Keep Learning

Just because you are out of school does not mean you should stop taking courses or tackling anything you want to learn.  I like challenging myself and growing and learning a new skill that can benefit me, in the long run, is always worth it. There are so many resources available to see what classes work best for you.

I find I am at my best when I follow these five tips in my routine. We are forever growing and taking care of yourself and reaching out to others will truly help you be successful.

Take Care of Yourself

Self-care means a lot to different people, but I found I was always at my best when I stick to my gym routine, eat healthily, and get enough sleep. It sounds simple enough but when the days and weeks catch up to you, it can sometimes throw off the goals you have for yourself. When I am not at my best, I am not able to keep up with my daily schedule. If I am not taking care of myself and being my best, how can I keep up with my day? More importantly, how can I be there for those who depend on me if I’m not at 100%?

Find One Day a Week to Prepare

Sundays are my day off so I like to spend part of my day preparing for the week ahead. When I book my kickboxing classes, plan my meals ahead, make my whole schedule, I am fully prepared for the week ahead of me. It helps center my hectic schedule and see where I have gaps in the day to spend time on other goals and things I want to work on for myself. It also helps on my days when I snooze my alarm and am in a rush out the door!


About the Author

Susan Fiorentino is from Staten Island, New York and is currently a Development Associate at Staten Island Academy. She first got involved with Sword & Plough because of her cousin who is a veteran and is proud to support this organization. She also coaches two cheerleading teams and is a member of the Young Professionals Group for The Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation.


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