How to Balance Family & Business

How to Balance Family & Business

When asked to write this blog post, I thought I could find the accurate words to put into bullet point format just how I balance being a mom of two little boys while also being a Sword & Plough Brand Champion, a real estate agent, an active community volunteer, etc.

Spoiler alert: it’s a complete crapshoot. I have no magic formula. Sorry. 

Most days I cry at least once or twice. I ingest probably way too much coffee. I collapse in bed every night feeling unaccomplished while also exhausted. I feel as if I can’t confide to my spouse, to my parents, to my friends about how utterly drained I am trying to keep all the things afloat. 

There are no hacks to be found here. No magic planner to make it all run smoothly. And just when I think I’ve got it all figured out, something huge (i.e. a spouse being laid off) happens and it all becomes chaos once again.

An average weekday during the school year looks like this (to preface: my oldest is going into kindergarten in less than a month and my youngest stays home with me as he’s one):

04:45: Alarm goes off. I don’t press snooze. Ever. Must start the day.

04:46-05:30: Make the first latte of the day, read up on the news so I might carry on an adult conversation later if the opportunity presents itself, start a load of laundry

05:30-06:00: Shower, try to tame hair, get dressed, attempt to put makeup on but usually foiled because…

Somewhere around this time Finn, my youngest, wakes up. Lots of hugs and snuggles while he drinks his milk. 

06:00-07:00: try to finish getting ready for the day, put together the remainder of Gabe’s lunch that I didn’t prep the night before (the “cold” items), make Finn breakfast, let the dogs out to go potty, watch Daniel Tiger and receive more sweet toddler cuddles

07:00-07:30: all the attempts to wake Gabe up and get him dressed and fed 

07:45: leave Finn with my husband at home so he can also partake of the sweet snuggles, take Gabe to school

08:00: arrive back home, husband leaves for work, play with Finn outside before it gets unbearably hot or run to Trader Joe’s for groceries that I forgot on my usual grocery run day of Sunday (perhaps this a hack: get your groceries at Trader Joe’s on a weekday morning right after they open so avoid the masses of shoppers)

09:00-10:30ish: more playtime with Finn (depending on the day we might go to the park, the library, a play date with another mom friends desperate for human contact) and feed the dogs

10:30ish: mother-in-law arrives to babysit so I can put in face time at my brokers’ office, make sure Finn’s snacks are laid out, search for his sippy cup that has gone missing again

11:00-14:00ish: work at my brokers’ office (social media planning and content creation, figure out how to market myself to gain new clients, study for my post license exam, plan open houses, etc.)

14:45: pick up Gabe from school, thank my saint of a mother-in-law for babysitting

15:00: snack time for kiddos, make the second latte of the day, realize I never put the load of laundry in the dryer but a certain toddler wants to follow me down to the basement so laundry is going to have to wait


15:15: play with both kiddos while also trying to simultaneously make dinner (that is healthy because such is life)

16:00: reheat coffee

16:15: reheat coffee again because I forgot about it in the microwave

17:00: dinner might be done, wait not-so-patiently for the husband to come home, more playtime (usually outside because kiddos need to get those wiggles out)

17:30-18:00ish: Mark comes home, eat dinner, hand kiddos off so I can fit in a workout

18:00ish-18:45ish: work out/swim lessons/soccer or t-ball practice for Gabe

19:00: arrive home to realize I still haven’t put laundry in the dryer, clean up the kitchen and dinner dishes, help corral children for bathtime

19:00-20:30ish: bathtime and bedtime routine (baths, jammies, brush teeth, each kiddo gets read to, try to get Finn to fall asleep (rock and soothe him at least twice if not five times)

20:30: lay out Gabe’s uniform for the next day, prep his lunch, maybe get clothes into the dryer, get out my planner and write down goals/tasks for the next day, brainstorm social media posts for Sword & Plough

21:00: quick shower to rinse off from working out, pick up any stray toys so I can wake up to a clean house, nighttime routine of taking my antidepressants (I am still trying to get over postpartum depression), check social media for brokers and respond to any comments or questions, reply to any emails, maybe read if I can keep my eyes open

22:30 try to fall asleep, realize I am so bad at trying to balance work and family needs

Do it all again when the alarm goes off in 6 hours and 15 minutes.

See? No balance. I try. I try very hard to make sure my children are loved on, that they are happy and healthy. I try very hard to make sure my husband comes home from a long day of work to a home that is somewhat put together and a healthy meal is on the table. I try very hard to make sure my bosses know I give my all to further the business on its path of success and growth. But I don’t put in near the effort to take care of myself. Maybe one day I’ll look in the mirror and like what I see rather than the tired eyes, the gray hairs that are creeping in, the tummy that won’t flatten out.


It’s a work in progress. I’ll take all the help I can get, all the tips from other mothers, all the hacks that work for you. I’ll write them down in one of my many journals I stash around my house and try to implement them. At the end of the day, I show up and I give it my all. That's all you really need to do.

Then I’ll realize I never did get the laundry into the dryer.


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