5 Female Entrepreneurs Who Will Inspire You

5  Women Entrepreneurs Who Will Inspire You

Throughout history women have played a vital role in society, breaking barriers and serving as role models for the modern day Boss Babe. On March 8th, we celebrated International Women’s Day with excitement and pride. March is a great time to reflect on the past and draw inspiration for the future. From media moguls to CEO’s, women today are proving that it’s not just a man’s world. It’s not just a pretty girl boss quote. It’s real and it’s inspiring. Women are rising to the top and encouraging other women to rise up with them. Here are 5 women entrepreneurs who will inspire you…

Melissa Ben-Ishay

Ben-Ishay is the founder of the bite-size cupcake shop Baked by Melissa. Her story is one of failure and perseverance. If you’ve ever been fired from a job then you know the raw emotion that comes with it- feelings of embarrassment, shame, and fear. In 2008 that’s exactly what happened to Ben-Ishay. She was fired from her advertising job- a job that she admittedly lacked passion for. With the support and encouragement of her brother, she turned to her passion and began baking cupcakes to sell to catering companies. Before long, she hired her first employee and the two were baking cupcakes around the clock, fifteen hours a day for six weeks straight. From being fired to owning the cupcake scene in NYC, Ben-Ishay is the definition of perseverance. Baked by Melissa is proof that good things happen when you follow your passion. Take it from Ben-Ishay, “YOU CAN DO ANYTHING.” 

Jacqueline Burk

Burke is the creative founder and designer behind the brand Tini Lux. Tini Lux is the first line of earrings designed with ear sensitivity in mind. Hallelujah! Understanding the struggle that comes along with having sensitive ears, she tackled the problem head on, launching her own jewelry line business in 2017. Burke’s refusal to give up her love for earrings lands her among my five inspirational women entrepreneurs. Finally, an earring line for those of us with sensitive ears. 

Iman Oubou

Oubou is the founder of Swaay Media company. Swaay was born from Oubou’s vision to bring like-minded women entrepreneurs together in one space, where their accomplishments could be showcased. Swaay aims to elevate, spotlight, and inspire women with entrepreneurial pursuits. I absolutely love Oubou’s vision and applaud her for bringing strong women together. What’s the saying? We rise by lifting others. Yeah, Swaay Media nailed it. Keep up with Oubu and her tribe of innovators here:

Instagram: @InnovatorTribe

Facebook: Innovator Tribe

Twitter: @InnovatorTribe

Jennifer Hyman

Rent the Runway- three words that changed the fashion world for the better. From wedding events to prom, we empty our wallets and clutter our closets with fancy dresses, shoes, etc. Thanks to Hyman, we can all achieve designer looks without breaking the bank. Rent the Runway eliminates fashion waste and the stress of shopping for the perfect outfit. As CEO and Co-Founder of Rent the Runway, Hyman is redefining the future of fashion, making closets everywhere more environmentally friendly. For more eco friendly fashion tips, check out Shelby Black’s article How to Build a More "Friendly" Wardrobe. The article provides great tips for creating a sustainable and ethical wardrobe. 

Shanna Rodenberg

Shanna Rodenberg is the veteran and artist behind Sword & Plough’s repurposed jewelry line. During her service in the military she found comfort in art, often using her camera as an escape. After returning home, she again turned to her creative passion. As she worked to adjust to civilian life, she found a hobby in upcycling .50 caliber brass shell casings to create one of a kind, handcrafted jewelry. Rodenberg’s hobby turned into a career when she founded Bang Bang Ballistic Jewelry. Since collaborating with Sword & Plough, Rodenberg has created several stunning pieces like the popular Brass .50 Caliber Bar Necklace. For more about Rodenberg’s transition to civilian life, watch our Highlight Video

As we near the end of March, let’s not forget the importance of celebrating women all year round. May these stories serve as an inspiration to you in whatever challenges you face. Whether your dreams include starting your own business or learning how to dance, surround yourself with strong positive women who inspire you. The road to success is not always easy, but with the right mindset, mentors, and passion, anything is possible.



About the Author:

Crystal LaPak is a Sword & Plough Brand Champion and Blogger with a background in Social Work and Marketing. She is a creative at heart and a big believer in paying it forward. Her Sword & Plough journey began after sharing her love for our High Impact Tote Bag on Instagram. She’s honored to share our mission through local pop-up shops and digital marketing. 

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