5 Best Parts About Being A Small Business

5 Best Parts About Being A Small Business 

There’s never been a better time to be a small business. Last year, there were over 30 million small businesses in the United States, making up 99.9% of all U.S. businesses. With the internet and social media, the opportunities are endless for anyone looking to start a small business. Sure, not all of them are successful long-term, but about half of them make it to the five-year mark and about one-third make it to the 10-year mark.


So, what exactly is so great about being a small business? We’re so glad you asked!


Flexibility & Environment

Kristen Smith, owner of Blog Your Genius and White Gloves Optional says hands down the best thing is “having the ability to create an environment where you work best.” Not everyone thrives in an office, or even in a 9-5 environment. Some people really like to work independently and others do better when closely managed. As a small business owner, you can create an atmosphere where you know you can be successful.


Smith added another reason, and it’s one her military spouse community understands well. Going into 2019, Smith knew a summer move was on their family’s calendar, so she could plan around it. “I was able to build the PCS into that routine, into my marketing schedules, etc.,” she said. “And I can maintain my income throughout the move,” even when her focus will be on other things.


People & Community

In the past year and a half, Swatara Coffee Company has really enjoyed getting involved with their local community. Co-owner Joanna Guldin-Noll put it this way, “We get to work with other local and small business to source products and materials. We can help affect the local economy by shining a light on other small businesses.” And working within a community of other small businesses builds everyone up.


Another plus to being a small business in a relatively small town like Lebanon, Pennsylvania is being able to meet people, and invest in their lives. “We really enjoy getting to know people who come into the shop and getting to be part of what’s happening in the town,” Guldin-Noll said. From their employees to their regular clients and even those tourists or passersby who stop in for a cup of coffee and a treat, they all have a story to tell.



Small business owners, just like Smith and Guldin-Noll are happier than those who work for someone else. In a poll done by Guidant Financial, over 70% of small business owners ranked their level of happiness as a 5 or higher on a scale of 1 to 10. And 53% of them ranked it as a 9 on that same scale.


Have you been considering starting a small business, or working for one? What is your favorite part about running a small business – share it with us. 


Rebecca Alwine is an army wife, mother of three, and lover of her adorable pirate dog. Over the past 12 years, she’s discovered she enjoys coffee, lifting weights, and most of the menial tasks of motherhood. Her days consist of CrossFit workouts, listening to audiobooks, and pretending to cook while her Instant Pot does all the work. Her motto: work smarter, not harder.

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