5 Back to School MustPacks

5 Back to School Must Packs 


Back to school shopping has been a time of year that parents dread, but when I was a child, it was like a holiday. The whole family gathered around the endless aisles of supplies at the store and began the hunt for the perfect school supplies. For me, it wasn’t just about the school supplies, it was about the organization. I have always had a gift of staying extremely organized throughout my school years, and it’s all due to five important back to school must packs.

  1. Folders Galore! I have a different colored folder for each different class, loose leaf paper, and teacher handouts. Throughout the year you will receive many different papers and it’s near impossible to keep them organize without the folder system. When you can’t use tactics from Item 2 (Big Kid Supplies) that's when folders are there to save the day. I also suggest that any paper or document you need readily available is kept in a folder, because of the ease of grabbing it versus trying to pull it out of a binder.

  1. Big Kid Supplies: I consider big kid supplies staplers and a three hole punch. We often don't think to buy these items for ourselves because our teachers have always provided them. I'm in college so having a stapler is a must! I like to have a mini stapler in my backpack because it allows me to bind anything I need to and turn it in appropriately and together. They make three hole punches now that fit into binders and are very thin and light. Three hole punching everything into your binder and putting them into appropriate tabs is a key factor to organization. By having these supplies it also helps to prevent the amount of loose papers in your back, because loose papers equal clutter!
  1. Pencil Pouch: Sure...it's fun to play the game of "Do I have a writing utensil?" but wouldn't you rather be sure you do other than using a yellow highlighter for notes all day? I really enjoy using a travel pouch as pencil bags because they are the perfect size to hold everything I need, and often are made with interior pockets which are perfect for smaller items. The Sword and Plough Screen Printed Pouch or Compact Travel Kit are perfect options for the carry it all pencil pouch. Pencil pouches are also amazing products that can serve as emergency bags, that still fit perfectly into backpacks. Items such as hand sanitizer, gum, mints, and tissues are all important supplies to have on hand that could save the day.
  1. Agenda: Training myself at a young age to practice using an agenda planner for everything really helped me in my busy adult life to stay organized. If you dread using a planner I suggest making it fun! I personally like to use different colored pens for different events, colored sticky notes that allow me to write in more details for those extra busy days, and stickers to make girls day even more exciting to look forward too.

  1. Reusable Water Bottle: From the plastic packaging that holds our supplies, to the individually wrapped items in lunch boxes, we are surrounded by toxic habits that pollute our planet. Bringing a reusable water bottle can decrease the amount of plastic water bottles you go through, and can help decrease your carbon footprint.

** Extra Points: When searching for supplies, try to help the planet by searching for packaging or product that is biodegradable or easily recyclable.

Having these staple items in your backpack can get you on a good path to staying organized, and on top of the school year ahead. Happy organizing!  



Emma Rooney is a student at the University of Arkansas pursuing a degree in Hospitality. She discovered Sword and Plough when her eldest brother joined West Point Military Academy and fell in love with their company. She wanted to help by becoming a brand champion so she could spread the word and knowledge about the company and what they have to offer. 

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