Introducing Erie Drive!

Hello! We’re from Erie Drive and we’d love to introduce ourselves! Erie Drive is your online destination for unique and high quality pieces that will make your home special. Our story began when our CEO and Creative Director, Alexandra, found herself spending months looking for charming and unique items for her home and kept coming up empty-handed. So, she started seeking out lesser known artisans and designers for those unique and quirky pieces. Soon she had built a list of some of the best artisans and designers—a list she wanted to share with the world. Thus, Erie Drive was born!

With a background in jewelry design, Alexandra has a keen sense for spotting trends and items with unique flair. She scours everywhere from design shows to vintage markets in order to create Erie Drive’s distinctive and curated selection.

Erie Drive brings moments of joy to every home with our selective collection. We’re confident that you will find an item to fit your lifestyle. Erie Drive products are truly unique and inspiring—you won’t be able to find them just anywhere. Each piece we carry is made with love, care and craftsmanship. We love working with companies that take pride in their work, have an appreciation for quality and design, and also have a great story to share. 

That’s why partnering with Sword & Plough was an easy decision for us. When we discovered Sword & Plough, we were immediately drawn in by their inspiring story and mission, as well as their amazing products. The rugged and refined Sword & Plough bags fit perfectly into Erie Drive’s unique, urban aesthetic. Like many of the other items we carry, we love how Sword & Plough products have personality and a great story to share. We are thrilled to be working with such an inspiring company like Sword & Plough.

Thank you for reading our story!


The Erie Drive Team

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