NYFW Fashion Chaos

Last week, we took a look at the street scenes surrounding New York Fashion Week. Merging the busy streets of NYC (already occupied by some of the most stylish people in the world) with big name fashion houses presenting their newest designs, creates an experience that can only be described as fashion chaos. But, as even some of the biggest names in fashion have admitted, sometimes the fashion chaos is where the real magic happens. These adventurous and daring surroundings help to inspire designers preparing future lines. The blending of fabrics, colors and themes seen on both the runway and in the crowds of people attending the shows can be the exact inspiration many designers are looking for.

The street stylings of the ladies of New York were incredible, however, I must admit, there was something even more refreshing and exciting in the way guys were dressed last week. From the dapper business looks to the free spirited hipster, we saw it all. Also, the amount of fur these men were wearing, both real and faux, was both glamorous and unexpected. (Probably also very cozy in those freezing NYC temps.) Here's a peek at our favorite looks the men of NYFW put together!



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