Brass Military Button Tie Tack
Brass Military Button Tie Tack

Brass Military Button Tie Tack

Sword & Plough

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A new addition to our men’s accessory line, this beautiful tie tack has been crafted from a repurposed military jacket button. Each button is embossed with the Union Eagle and was manufactured by the Waterbury Button Company in Cheshire, Connecticut. 

Wondering what a tie tack is? Before there was the tie bar, the tie tack (or pin) was used to secure the tie to the shirt. Dating back to the early 1800s, this accessory has recently seen a resurgence in popularity! Dress up the business casual look, or give your suit a little extra pop with this classic piece.

Meet the Artist:

Veteran and artist Shanna Rodenberg served eight years as a Sergeant in the U.S. Army. Upon returning from Afghanistan in 2005, she began to experiment with making jewelry out of spent ammunition. What began as a hobby to help adjust to civilian life has turned into a thriving career that we are thrilled to support! 

Care Instructions:

Our jewelry is all handmade, so keep in mind that each piece will have its own unique character!  

The brass has been polished with a light renaissance wax to hold its original color and shine longer, but because the jewelry is made from solid brass, it will develop a beautiful patina over time. 

If you would like to maintain your piece's original luster, you can clean with a gentle cleanser like Flitz and polish with a soft cloth. 

10% For Vets

American Corproate Partners

Sword & Plough is proud to donate a portion of the profits from all Sword & Plough Tie Tack orders to American Corporate Partners. ACP is a non-profit that offers transitioning veterans one-on-one career mentorship! Sword & Plough donations to ACP help fund these mentorship opportunities.