Happy 5th Birthday!!

Happy 5th Birthday


We're so excited to have grown this social enterprise into the impactful certified B Corp business it is today! 

Here Are Our Top 5 Impact Milestones.

Thank YOU for making this possible!

1. Since our launch in 2013, Sword & Plough has repurposed over 30,000 pounds and counting of military surplus materials including bullet casings, tents, uniforms, sleeping bag covers, parachutes, aircraft padding, laundry bags, and bunting fabric.

Shell casings

2. When Sword & Plough launched on Kickstarter, we worked with one manufacturer that employed veterans. Sword & Plough is proud to now work with five different veteran-owned American manufacturers and a veteran-owned fulfillment center! You can learn more about our veteran partners HERE.

Veteran-owned manufacturers

3. A key part of the Sword & Plough mission is to strengthen civil-military understanding. Through our products, speaking engagements, and media features, we've reached over 50 million people with our mission! 

Sword & Plough Speaking Engagements

Photo courtesy of Stellar Propeller Studios

4. Since 2013, Sword & Plough has helped support over 75 veteran jobs through our own company, our Brand Champion program, and our veteran-owned manufacturing partners!

Veteran job support

5. Sword & Plough has always donated at least 10% of our profits to veteran non-profit organizations! In 2013 we donated $1,136 to veteran organizations. With your support and purchases, we've grown that number by over 8,703% in the past 5 years. In total, Sword & Plough has donated over $100,000 to veteran non-profit organizations!! It's important to our team to support these veteran organizations that are empowering the veteran community in areas of leadership, entrepreneurship, health, housing, and education.

Sword & Plough veteran giving partners

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