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3 Things to Carry in Your Bag to Make Your Day Greener

Posted on March 10, 2019 by Alex Wells | 0 Comments

3 Things to Carry in Your Bag to Make Your Day Greener

Living a minimal, green life is all the rage right now. Sword & Plough has been living this way for years, by repurposing military materials to make their tote bags and other products. By using one of their bags, you’re already on the way to living a greener life. Take it to another level by keeping these three things in your favorite S&P bag.

  • Reusable shopping bag
  • Do you always remember your reusable bags when going to the grocery store? Some people leave them in the car or in the same place so as not to forget. But all the little trips you take to the store can result in just as many plastic bags used as one big trip. Reduce the number of times you have to use just one plastic bag by keeping a reusable shopping bag in your Sword & Plough tote.

    1. Reusable water bottle

    Skip asking for a “cup for water” when eating out or grabbing take out next time. Bring along your water bottle and ask them to fill it up for you. The glass, silicone surrounded water bottles are a perfect addition to your day, and most can fit into the side pockets of your bags. Bring it through security – empty of course – and fill it up in the airport or at any major event venue. Even the coffee shop will fill up your water bottle to save you from having to use another plastic cup.

    1. Bamboo utensils

    You packed your lunch in your glass container, you’re drinking water from your reusable water bottle, and you’re excited about how you’re getting through your day with zero waste. Until you realize you don’t have any utensils. Those little plastic forks and knives are always wrapped individually, in more plastic. With a set of reusable, bamboo utensils, you can be prepared for any meal. Our favorite set comes with a knife, fork, spoon, and chopsticks. You can even slide a stainless-steel straw in the container with it and be set!

    Keep the momentum going in your effort to live a “greener” life. What other things can you replace with reusable products? Maybe switch from buying paper napkins to using cloth. Perhaps you can ditch the dryer sheets for dryer balls. We’d love to hear your favorite ways of living a greener life.

    Rebecca Alwine is an army wife, mother of three, and lover of her adorable pirate dog. Over the past 12 years, she’s discovered she enjoys coffee, lifting weights, and most of the menial tasks of motherhood. Her days consist of CrossFit workouts, listening to audiobooks, and pretending to cook while her Instant Pot does all the work. Her motto: work smarter, not harder.


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