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Fall Fashion Not Fast Fashion: Why Our New Fall Products are a HUGE Deal

Posted on September 11, 2017 by Sword & Plough | 1 Comment

Leather Zipper Clutch

In case you missed it, Sword & Plough rolled out three new products this week, just in time for the fall season. The new pieces, the Brass Bar Bracelet, the Tie Tack, and the Leather Zipper Clutch, are all perfect additions to any fall looks. Dress them up for seasonal events like Thanksgiving dinners or down for polished, everyday style. These pieces are versatile enough to carry you well into the holiday season (and beyond).

Plus, each piece complements other products already in our jewelry and accessories section! The Brass Bar Bracelet and the Tie Tack are simply the latest beautiful pieces from veteran and artist Shanna Rodenberg for Sword and Plough. Rodenberg, who served eight years in the United States Army before leaving the service, also creates necklaces, cufflinks, tie bars, earrings, and rings hand hammered from repurposed 50 caliber shell casings. The Leather Zipper Clutch, produced in collaboration with our veteran leather craftsman Tim Kennedy, slips perfectly into any larger Sword and Plough urban bag and keeps smaller items from slipping out. Of course, it’s also stylish enough to carry alone.

Brass Bar Bracelet

Tie Tack

We hope you find these new releases as exciting as we do. As a slow fashion brand, new releases don’t happen often—and that’s a good thing! As part of our core mission to reduce waste and minimize our carbon footprint, our ethical fashion brand stays away from the popular production methods of fast fashion companies. Generally, such companies prioritize mass producing new, inexpensive clothing and accessories which reflect current trends or fads (read: that $10 crop top that looked cool, but only got worn once). Trends come and go in the blink of an eye, which makes fast-fashion hard on wallets and the environment (it’s estimated that over 13 trillion pounds of textile waste currently sit in U.S. landfills).

That’s why Sword and Plough only creates investment pieces—products that take time to manufacture but last a lifetime. Our veteran-owned clothing company has given over 35,000 pounds of military surplus new life as bags, jewelry, and accessories fashionable enough to survive any trend, any decade. With our steadfast guarantee, you don’t have to worry about wear or tear; you can always send in your Sword and Plough product for repairs or replacements.

Now you know why our new fall collection is so special to us! A lot of thought went into each piece and we’re excited to see how you all incorporate these new items into your style. It’s a safe bet that I’ll be wearing the Brass Bar Bracelet with everything from flannel to cashmere this season. What about you? Just make sure to grab your favorites fast! Each piece is handmade and a limited quantity means there is the chance an item might sell out.

What new product in the Sword and Plough fall collection are you most excited about? What items would you like to see in future collections? Let us know in the comments below!



Veronica BryantVeronica Bryant is an active duty Army officer currently serving in South Korea. As a fourth generation Army officer and soon-to-be fourth generation military spouse, she was immediately drawn to the mission of Sword and Plough. She loves being a Sword and Plough brand champion for so many reasons, including that it allows her to give back to the community that has supported her since birth. Her other favorite thing about Sword and Plough? “Only Sword and Plough can make me want to wear camo off duty!" 



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Sword & Plough's Notes from the Field: April 2017

Posted on April 30, 2017 by Sword & Plough | 0 Comments

Sword & Plough: Repurposed for a Purpose


Every month we are committed to reflecting on where we’ve been and where we are going. This month was a wild ride in a completely awe inspiring way. If you followed us on Facebook or on Instagram, you saw we started April after a few days spent in New York at Eileen Fisher. The Eileen Fisher Foundation selected several woman-owned small businesses to provide mentorship and development immersion. We joined five other incredible brands and chronicled our experiences in one of our first Facebook Live videos.

A few days later, we entered the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest. In a few short days, with the support of the Sword & Plough community, we were named one of the FedEx Small Business Grant Top 100 Finalist. We are so excited to announce that we were just named the Grand Prize winner! We are looking forward to putting the grant funding toward hiring a veteran to help Sword & Plough with inventory and supply chain management. We are also planning to expand our Brand Champion Program!

We didn’t stop celebrating our FedEx selection, as we immediately headed into our birthday week recognition. It has been four years of non stop growth. We spent every day sharing our favorite highlights. And of course, we felt it was better to give than to receive, so we gave away four of our favorite products. Each giveaway represented a product we introduced in a given year of our growth. Our Sword & Plough community overwhelmed us with their patriotic submissions of who inspires them, from service members, veterans, and military spouses to close friends and family members.

And as we embark on our fifth year, we welcome another new product, our 50 caliber brass rings, just in time for Mother’s Day. The rings come in a set of three and are handcrafted by Shanna Rodenberg, a U.S. Army veteran and artist. They are going to make a great Mother’s Day gift and we plan on giving one to our Mom! They are classic, timeless, and make the perfect accessory for any outfit.

Part of what makes a gift from Sword & Plough special is that it both supports veteran jobs and gives back to veterans through our 10% for vets commitment, where we donate 10% of our profits each year to veteran organizations. We work hard to create economic opportunities for veterans and are proud we have supported 65 veteran jobs, while repurposing over 35,000 pounds of military surplus. By repurposing textiles, we do our part to reduce the large quantities of water, energy, fertilizers, pesticides and emissions involved in manufacturing new textiles. In addition to up-cycling surplus fabrics into our products, we employ environmental manufacturing processes such as 100% domestic sourcing of all fabrics in order to reduce fuel consumption and emissions during transport. We also incorporate recycled materials within our packaging. As the world celebrated Earth Day on April 22, 2017, we at Sword & Plough work hard to honor our planet every day.

It is hard to believe so much happened in the month April. We can’t wait to update you next month!


The Sword & Plough team


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