Sword & Plough's Fall Bucket List


Fall Bucket list

Sword and Plough’s Fall Bucket List

10 Ways to Empower, Reduce, and Strengthen this Season

Does anyone else feel like October is the unofficial start of fall? Sure, the season technically kicks off in September, but it’s often too hot to break out the sweaters and spiced cider that early. We’re only a week into the new month, but the air already feels cooler and the leaves are finally (!!!) starting to change colors. To celebrate, we’ve put together a list of ten Sword and Plough suggested ways to make the most out of fall this year!

Inspired by the mission of Sword and Plough, you’ll find ways to empower yourself and your community, reduce waste, and strengthen the many relationships in your life:

  1. Buy New School Supplies: Without the momentum of a new school year, it’s easy to lose the “This is my year!” enthusiasm for starting new projects or developing a productive routine. This fall, tap into that back-to-school feeling by picking up a daily planner and a few of your favorite pens. Armed with the right tools, it’s easy to keep sight of (and crush!) your goals.
  2. Visit the Farmer’s Market: Shop at your local farmer’s market this fall knowing you’re getting the freshest, seasonal produce AND supporting the environment. Since most farmer’s markets require vendors to sell food produced within 200 miles of the site, farmer’s markets have a significantly smaller carbon footprint than big name grocery stores, which ship produce in from around the world. Another way to go green? Ditch the plastic bag in favor of a reuseable tote.
  3. Pick Pumpkins (or Apples!): It wouldn’t be a fall bucket list without mentioning a trip to a pumpkin patch or an apple orchard! You’ll get all the perks of a farmer’s market plus hay rides, freshly made doughnuts, and endless opportunities for the perfect fall photo.
  4. Warm Up your Wardrobe: The change of season presents a great opportunity to upgrade your wardrobe. Look for investment pieces that will become seasonal favorites and brands that offer lifelong repairs. Just make sure you upgrade your accessories too! Pair any outfit with our wool crossbody for automatic #fallgoals.
  5. Scare yourself Silly: Ghost stories, haunted houses, and horror movies are all great reminders that sometimes being a little scared is a good thing. Whether you decide to conquer a lifelong fear or just step outside of your comfort zone, challenge yourself to do something that scares you. Bonus points if it gives you goosebumps!
  6. DIY your Halloween Costume: Everyone loves a killer Halloween costume. But like a Zombie that just won’t die, discarded costumes can sit in landfills for up to 100 years before decomposing. But fear not! DIY your costume this year with items from your closet, some crafting material, and a dash of creativity. You’ll not only be doing your part to reduce waste, you’re guaranteeing a one of kind costume!
  7. Head to the Voting Booth: It’s easy to overlook Election Day when no one is running for President, but voting at the local level is just as important. As Americans, it’s our privilege to exercise our right to vote. So register now, read up on the issues, then rock your “I Voted” sticker with pride.
  8. Celebrate Veterans: If you're like us, you probably celebrate veterans everyday. But with hundreds of ways to get involved, commit to trying something new this Veterans Day. Usually volunteer? Visit a VA hospital. Never attended a Veterans Day parade? Make a sign and bring the whole family. Or, think about inviting a friend who may not know a lot about the military. A Veterans Day celebration is a fun way to strengthen ties within the community.  (Looking for ideas? Read about how Sword and Plough’s supports veterans here.)
  9. Write a Thank You Note: Thanksgiving is the perfect time to let friends and family know how grateful you are to have them in your life. Taking the extra time to write a handwritten thank you note adds a special touch, especially for loved ones you may not see in person this holiday season.
  10. Support a Small Business: Did you know that the first Saturday after Thanksgiving is officially known as Small Business Saturday? Show your support for local businesses by pledging to shop small that day. In doing so, you’ll be helping businesses like Sword and Plough continue their mission.

Fall Foliage

We’d love to follow along on your fall adventures! Tag us on social media or use the hashtag #SwordandPloughFBL each time you check an item off the list and we’ll share our favorites on our page.  



Veronica BryantVeronica Bryant is an active duty Army officer currently serving in South Korea. As a fourth generation Army officer and soon-to-be fourth generation military spouse, she was immediately drawn to the mission of Sword and Plough. She loves being a Sword and Plough brand champion for so many reasons, including that it allows her to give back to the community that has supported her since birth. Her other favorite thing about Sword and Plough? “Only Sword and Plough can make me want to wear camo off duty!" 


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