Not Just Veterans Day: Meaningful Ways to Show Your Appreciation for Veterans Throughout the Year

Not Just Veterans Day:

Meaningful Ways to Show Your Appreciation for Veterans Throughout the Year

November is a time of year where everyone seems especially grateful, as it marks the beginning of the holiday season. November 11th, Veterans Day, is the perfect way to kick off the giving season. As a day to honor and celebrate both past and present members of the armed forces, Veterans Day has become one of the most cherished holidays in American history. However, what if Veterans Day wasn’t the only time dedicated to recognizing veterans and their sacrifice to our country? We believe veterans should be appreciated year-round. Below are some ways you can show your support for veterans throughout the year.

Honor veterans at your place of work

Depending on where you work, there might be several opportunities to support for veterans. Some companies offer “casual days”  throughout the month, or even each week, that for a small donation, employees can wear jeans or other casual attire. Usually, the charity being recognized is a local organization. Find a veteran organization in your area, then reach out to your employer about hosting a jeans’ day at work. Being comfortable at work and supporting veterans? What could be better?

Don't just say it, but show your thanks

Though telling military men and women you are grateful for their service is always recommended, there are always opportunities to show your appreciation and support, even if by mail. If you know a family member or friend of a veteran, reach out to them and ask for a point of contact. Often, your local USO (United Service Organization) can direct you to other local veterans’ organizations or provide addresses of soldiers stationed around the country or overseas. Similarly, if you live near a military installation, reach out to a spouses’ organization about volunteering to put together care packages or send letters to deployed soldiers. 

Volunteer at a veterans’ home

Have some spare time in your schedule? Are you looking to get involved in the community? Volunteering at the local veterans’ home allows you to spend time with veterans in your area, who might be missing companionship from family or friends. It also allows you to give back to the community. By offering to serve meals, run errands for a veteran, or simply spend a few hours visiting or playing a game with a veteran, you will be sure to make a meaningful impact not just on veteran themselves, but also on the residence home. 

Shop small businesses owned or employed by veterans


Who doesn't love shopping? One of the easiest and most impactful ways to show your appreciation for veterans is by supporting veteran-owned and employed businesses, like Sword and Plough. Not only is Sword and Plough veteran owned, but several of their employees are veterans, too. Shanna Rodenburg is just one of Sword and Plough's veteran team members. Shanna was a US Army combat veteran and after serving eight years in the military, she realized civilian life was not easy. She then partnered with a family friend and began making jewelry out of ammunition. You can see her full story here. Some of Shanna's Sword and Plough products include the Brass .50 Caliber Initial Necklace, the Brass .50 Caliber Bar Necklace, and the Brass .50 Caliber Bar + Circle necklace. You can view all products made by Shanna here. By shopping from veteran employed small businesses, you not only get to sport adorable accessories, like one of the pieces mentioned above, but you are also supporting veteran artisans. Some companies, like Sword and Plough, also give back to a variety of veteran organizations. It’s a win-win!

While Veterans Day is a special day to recognize men and women across the country who have, or continue to, dedicate their lives to serving the American people, our appreciation does not have to stop with one day. By doing a little research, getting involved in your community, and shopping a little more mindful, you can show your thanks and appreciation to veterans year-round. 


About the Author:
 Shurden Garrett is the daughter of a retired Col. in the U.S. Army. She moved twelve times growing up which allowed her to see much of the country and many parts of the world. She resides in Northern Virginia where she teaches elementary school. Her experiences as a military child and her passion for giving back to the veteran community that helped shape her childhood now draw her to Sword and Plough’s mission. She is excited to be a Brand Champion and share Sword and Plough’s story with other like-minded Champs.
Shurden Garrett


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