How to Spring Clean Your Bags

How to Spring Clean Your Bags

Let’s get real, you can clean out your bags any time of the year, but for the most part, we tend to wait until it’s spring clean time (or never). Cleaning out your bags is a quick and easy fix, so starting your Spring Cleaning with your bags is an easy way to get immediate gratification and get the ball rolling on your annual cleaning takeover.

This spring cleaning is going to be a little different. Instead of me going through all my bags and deciding what I want to donate or keep I’m going to teach you how to utilize the bags you already have, and maximize the space inside of it, so you don’t feel cluttered. We are going to turn the Sword and Plough Camo Signature Zip Top Tote Bag into an organized dream.


Step 1 - Toss it: Always start with the trash. Throw out receipts, movie stubs, parking receipts, gum wrappers, anything that is clearly trash. Trust me… you are not the only one who has 20 receipts laying around in your bag. We always tell ourselves to save it just in case, but let’s be honest, when has saving the receipt from your Venti Black Iced Tea from Starbucks ever done anything for you? It hasn’t!


Step 2 - Return it: Put back what doesn’t belong. Meaning, anything that has a different home needs to go back to that home. For example, I had an earrings box in my purse, but the home to that is in my jewelry vanity. I never used the earring box while it was in my bag, so it was adding to the clutter.


Step 3 - Organize it: This is my favorite step because it allows me to utilize small and medium pouches that I don’t have a purpose for, but can’t seem to get rid of. Small pouches are a great organizational tool you can use, and you probably don’t even have to buy them, because they always just seem to be around (if you are looking for a good pouch, Sword and Plough Travel Kits or The Essential Leather Clutch are a perfect size, and match your Sword and Plough Tote Bag ☺). Group the items in your bag into different categories, each category gets their own pouch. 


Step 4 - Love it: Enjoy your bag!


Helpful Tip: Keeping your wallet and keys on the same key chain is a great way to minimize clutter. Due to having a smaller wallet, it helps me to not feel the urge to keep receipts due to the lack of unneeded clutter. I have also found it extremely helpful that my keys and wallet are in the same place because I don’t ever lose my keys, and I never forget my wallet when I go out.



Emma Rooney is a student at the University of Arkansas pursuing a degree in Hospitality. She discovered Sword and Plough when her eldest brother joined West Point Military Academy and fell in love with their company. She wanted to help by becoming a brand champion so she could spread the word and knowledge about the company and what they have to offer.


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