Holiday Gift Guide for the Future CEO

Holiday Gift Guide for the Future CEO

Do you have that person in your life that covers their desktop with sticky notes full of inspirational quotes? Or the friend that is hustling to reach his or her goals? Maybe YOU are that person! Buying a gift (or treating yourself) can be tricky, so here are some ideas that show you care about his or her rise to the top!

Signature Messenger Bag

Cost: $279

10% for Vets: Pat Tillman Foundation

Why it’s the perfect gift: My husband, Mark, can attest that this is his favorite work bag thus far. It has a padded laptop sleeve that keeps his computer safe and sound, and it has internal and external pockets for USB cables, charging cords, and all the other accessories that come along with being a business professional. The canvas fabric holds up well as Mark’s has been through many an airport security line and has yet to show wear.

Leather Card Holder

Cost: $29

10% for Vets: The Mission Continues

Why it’s the perfect gift: At under $30, this would make a fantastic stocking stuffer or gift to the newest intern or member of your work team. It holds your business cards perfectly, keeping them organized and protected from the many other items in your bag. Fun fact: Sword & Plough partnered with a Vietnam veteran named Tim to produce our leather goods! 

Essential Leather Clutch

Cost: $99

10% for Vets: Pat Tillman Foundation

Why it’s the perfect gift: I can personally vouch for this bag as I use it every single day. For work, it holds the essential items that I can move from my tote or messenger bag and then use it for later in the day by itself at a networking event. It’s classic in shape and the ideal size, not too big to be bulky but not too small that you can’t fit your phone and cards in it. Highly recommended!

Grey Wool Handbag

Cost: $199

10% for Vets: Team RWB

Why it’s the perfect gift: This bag is another item that I use for work during the cooler months of the year. I take it with me to broker’s open houses as it looks very professional but isn’t too big that I bump others with it. It holds everything I would need if I were to go to a meeting: notebook, pens, business card holder, and my leather clutch (which always has my phone, wallet, and array of lipsticks in it). 

The following are not from Sword & Plough but are made in the USA, I personally use them, and find them to be great gifts:

24oz Liberty Bottle

Cost: $19-$39

Why it’s the perfect gift: Who doesn’t carry around their own water bottle anymore? This one is made in the USA out of aluminum and does a great job at keeping your beverage hot or cold. It would make an excellent stocking stuffer for the on-the-go business professional. I personally have one from the Freedom series that I use every day.

Lingua Franca Stationery Set

Cost: $45

Why it’s the perfect gift: I’m a big proponent of the handwritten note. That extra time to thank someone or just reach out can make a huge impact! I sent a note of thanks to those whom I work with on Sword & Plough events, anyone who attends one of my open houses, etc. These note cards from Lingua Franca are made in NYC, and add just the right amount of whimsy to give them some personality.



Kayley Nammari is an Army brat and a veteran of the US Army Reserve where she served in the Intelligence Corps in both an enlisted and officer role. She no longer targets terrorists but instead wrangles her two young sons. While searching for a new handbag, she came upon Sword & Plough’s website and has been using her wool handbag ever since. She now sports a mini tote to hold an assortment of sippy cups, baby wipes, and the occasional book about tractors.


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