4 Benefits of Doing Business in America

4 Benefits of Doing Business in America


Living in the greatest country on earth is full of benefits. Some of those are the beautiful landscape and the freedoms we enjoy. Others are more specific, like freedom of speech. A little less focused on, but just as fantastic is operating a business in the United States of America comes with some great benefits, here are a few.


Boost the Economy

Businesses based in the US pay US taxes, which helps support the local community where your employees and customers live. This makes an impact on your client base and strengthens the overall economy of the country. By employing Americans you’re contributing to the overall economy as well. Manufacturing positions are some of the highest-paid in the country, with an average salary of almost $57,000, over $10,000 more than other popular working-class position.


Local Customer Service

In today’s world, customer service makes or breaks a company’s reputation. When companies outsource customer service there is a disconnect between the customer and the company. On top of potential language barriers, customers really like to identify with the customer service agent, and it brings a sense of comfort.


More Time Efficient

In today’s “Amazon world”, short lead times are crucial. When doing business in the US, to include your manufacturing, you’ll have shorter lead times, which can keep shipping costs low and raise customer satisfaction. US shipping options reduce potential miscommunications due to currency differences and language barriers. It also reduces the overall costs for things like customs fees and international taxes.


Easier Quality Control

Proximity plays a strong role in quality control and enforcing the high standards your customers are expecting. By being closer geographically to your manufacturing and production operations, you can have more control. In addition, manufacturing within the US allows for greater enforcement of safety practices that can protect you and your employees.

America is a great place to live and to operate your business. Sword & Plough is proud to be a veteran-owned American business. From military families to Colorado to Indiana, everything is done within the country we are proud to call home. 


Rebecca Alwine is an army wife, mother of three, and lover of her adorable pirate dog. Over the past 12 years, she’s discovered she enjoys coffee, lifting weights, and most of the menial tasks of motherhood. Her days consist of CrossFit workouts, listening to audiobooks, and pretending to cook while her Instant Pot does all the work. Her motto: work smarter, not harder.

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