Today was the such a good Army work day! 1SG and I made the sound command decision to postpone our meetings and go climb Pikes Peak with our human intelligence and counter intelligence Soldiers. After 8 hours of hiking and 7,500' of elevation gain, we made it to the summit! We were greeted by the memorial to the song, America the Beautiful. I could not agree more with the song writer...America, you really are so beautiful. While today's date will always be marked with immense tragedy, it is inspiring to know and be reminded that our country remains strong and never forgets the lives that were lost that day and the subsequent 13 years. It was an honor to hike America's Mountain with my fellow Soldiers who have sacrificed so much to defend and protect this nation. You inspire me every day, but especially today.

- Emily

S&P CEO and Executive Officer of the Military Intelligence Company at 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne)




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